White Label Google Ads

White Label Google Ads Agency

Driving quality traffic and sales through Google Ads should be a breeze, but without a complete understanding of the ever-changing advertising landscape, it can feel more like a headache and a money pit. Today’s consumers have high expectations and are likely to bounce when your site doesn’t meet their needs.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to avoid this problem. By partnering with 10X White Label for your Google Ads management services, you can ensure that your clients get results by capitalizing on our expertise without having to learn everything yourself.

As your white label Google Ads team, we work under your brand. This means you will never have to make referrals again and miss out on the opportunity to offer your clients a winning Google Ads service. There’s nothing secret about what we do – you’ll see all the strategies that we use to generate a massive ROI through Google Ads for your clients through our constant reporting.

White Label Google Ads Management Services

10X White Label is the leading white label google ads agency. You can outsource all your Google Ads management and PPC management to us. We will manage, maintain, and document everything under your company brand so it is entirely white label. You’ll get complete transparency of all the work we do on a daily basis, you won’t need to waste time on:

  • Creating and managing ad groups in bulk
  • Setting up budgets for Google product listing ads (PLA)
  • Creating filters in AdWords for thousands of keywords
  • Setting up conversion tracking in AdWords accounts
  • Sharing performance reports with clients
  • Creating ad extensions based on your client’s needs
  • Increasing conversions using Google Ads with optimized landing pages
  • 3rd party data importing and exporting for Facebook custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting

White Label Services We Are Providing

When it comes to running pay-per-click campaigns, what you don’t know can cost you a lot of money and time. That’s why we’re offering white label PPC services to help marketing agencies offer Google Ads services while eliminating the headache that goes with managing PPC ads.

Beyond knowledge and experience, our white label PPC services include:

Keyword Research

Finding the right keyword for your campaign is a major part of any successful Google Ads campaign. There are plenty of resources available to help you find the right keywords, but without proper research and analysis, your campaigns can start out on the wrong foot from day one. Using our white label PPC services gives you access to keyword research tools and expert PPC marketers who know how to use them effectively.

Ad Group Optimization & Management

The weakest link in most companies’ pay-per-click campaigns comes in the ad group optimization process. Without using best practices when creating ad groups, companies set themselves up for failure before they even begin. With our white label PPC services, you’ll receive proper ad group creation and management that has been tested across multiple industries so you know it will work for your clients as well.

Ad Copywriting

Creating the best copy for your ads requires expertise and testing to see what works best. Our team focuses on creating ad copy that not only captures attention and gets clicks, but also keeps your cost-per-click as low as possible while increasing the number of conversions you see.

Google Ads Campaign Management

Running PPC campaigns is one thing; running them the right way is quite another. We use Google’s own bid strategy along with ad group and keyword level bidding so we can dynamically adjust campaigns as needed at any time during the day to make sure they’re performing as strongly as they possibly can. With our reliable white label solution, campaign management becomes a simple task that doesn’t require constant supervision or management from your side.

Tracking & Analytics

We’ll manage everything from setting up your Google Analytics tracking (or importing existing data) to implementing conversion goals and setting up automated reporting every week. Our online marketing services include all the tools you’ll need to run successful campaigns with complete transparency and knowledge of what’s working and what needs attention at any given time.

Google Ads Reporting

Lastly, we provide detailed and insightful reports on a weekly basis. These reports include:

  • A breakdown of impressions, clicks, conversions, and total costs for the week
  • The ability to see conversions by campaign or ad group
  • Detailed analytics on which ads performed best and where most of your clicks came from

No matter how good you think your company is at running Google Ads, our white label services will give you access to our experienced team and to expensive tools you aren’t utilizing; resulting in higher conversion rates and more sales for your clients.

If you’re ready to get started with converting more visitors into customers, then reach out today to learn how our PPC management services can work for you. Let’s talk about increasing your conversions with paid google ads.

Grow Today with White Label Google Ads Services

At 10X White Label, we rely on experience, systems, and ongoing training to help nail our partners’ next campaign. Our vast range of experience includes businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries. We’ve seen the impact that Google Ads can have on growing businesses and are committed to helping you achieve success for your clients. 

Backed by our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and analysts, we work directly with various digital marketing agencies to optimize Google Ads campaigns. Our team is made up of Google Ads certified professionals and top skilled Google Ads experts. Our top notch services can help you get more clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size budgets do you support?

Our white label agency works with small to medium businesses. We don’t work with ad budgets under $1,000 a month. The sky’s the limit, though – some of our clients spend millions per year on Google Ads.

What is your white label pricing?

We keep the process simple and the costs low:

  • No contracts required – month to month is fine with us.
  • Long-term discounts available.
  • Volume discount for multiple advertising accounts.
  • White labeled reporting & dashboards, with your logo & brand.

Do I need an existing Google Ads account before working with you?

You’ll need to create your own Google Ads account, so that you can connect to our MCC account. You can give access by supplying us with your 10-digit account ID. You’ll see an access request coming from our manager account.

Do you automate your management?

We only use the best automated tools in conjunction with our skilled ads team. We still believe in hand-managing our clients’ accounts because we believe in providing the best possible results.