White Label Bing Ads

White Label Bing Ads Service

Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining a 92.47 percent market share as of June 2021. What about the rest? Google is not only the platform to run PPC Ads. Bing has a global market share of 6.15% which means people are also using this search engine.

Above all others, Bing PPC Ads offers a fantastic solution for those who would like to promote their brand on Bing without looking at the Google search engine. This means that one can get an ad campaign up and running in minutes after following some simple steps.

Targeting options are best on this platform because advertisers get many choices. You can precisely target your audience with valuable keywords or geographical limits. With a minimum CPC of $0.25, you cannot miss out on attracting these valuable customers!

Do not let Google’s market share affect your ROI anymore. Use Bing Ads today to boost your business’ online presence. Embed us in your team to handle all the parts of PPC strategy, execution, and ongoing management you need to expand and scale your services.

What is White Label PPC?

White Label PPC is the process in which a company provides a client with all of the services needed to run their PPC campaign, but they do not brand it. This means that the Client will receive reports from the Company’s account, and see all of their information in order to track results.

In short, this allows you [the client] to launch your own PPC campaign without learning how it works. The service will take care of everything for you!

Our White Label PPC Advertising Service is perfect for those who want total control over ad content and strategy while still getting professional management and reporting. You can also stop ads at any time or pause them when you don’t want to spend money on promotions!

Our White Label Bing Services Include:

Customer Support

Customer support is very important to us. We are always available to help you with any questions along the way, helped by our team of experts that understand PPC strategies fully.

Campaign Management

Management of PPC campaigns is not so easy. You have to know how to use keyword match types, create compelling ads and track them in order to succeed. Leave this task to us and enjoy our expert management!

Client Communications

When you start an online ad campaign it’s essential to be in touch with your customers. Our team will give you the reports you need to know what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to improve on your strategies.

Targeted Keyword Research

Keywords are not created equal. You should never use broad match unless it’s for a test run because they attract many irrelevant website visitors which can lead to wasted money. With our White Label advertising service, we do all of this work for you!

Tracker Management

With so much digital marketing going on at once it can be difficult to track all of your campaigns while making sure that nothing is missed. We’ll make sure that everything is tracked properly using Google Analytics integration and other tools.

Branded Reporting

It is necessary to have reported that you can analyze and then use for future campaigns. We will provide you with all of the data in a branded report so that you know your ad was running and showing success!

Successful PPC Campaigns Include Planning and Goal Setting

The first step we take as a white-label or private label PPC provider is to work with you and your client to clearly identify the outcomes and goals that the client wants to achieve. Goals often may include:


Every business wants to get more clients and sales, and PPC is an excellent way to achieve this!

Website Traffic

The purpose of your website is to get clicks, so you need traffic. Our team can help with that!

Lead Generation

We use PPC campaigns to get leads for you. This means that we will use short forms and long questionnaires to get you the most qualified leads.

Increase Brand Awareness

With our team at your side, you are able to create visibility for both yourself and your client’s brand on all major search engines, giving them tons of exposure across the web!

App Promotion

If you want to promote your app and get downloads, we can help! We will show it off to potential customers and push installs.

White Label PPC Management Services by 10X White Label

At 10X White Label, we deliver the best and most effective white label PPC services to our clients because we are driven by the desire to help them succeed. We are marketers at heart, so we know how to get results.

We have been working for multiple agencies globally for many years now and enjoy our working relations with them. Our commitment levels are the same for our ‘Direct’ clients as well as our ‘White Label PPC’ clients. With a focus on delivering quality services, we are an asset to have for agencies that need outsourced/private labeled pay-per-click management services.

Along with helping to maintain existing campaigns, our team of Paid Search / Display / Remarketing / Shopping experts is always at hand to brainstorm and help discover opportunities for growth for the accounts managed.

Experts in White Label PPC Management

We have a team of specialists and they are experts at what they do. We make sure that you get the same standard of service from us as from the 10X Digital agency team, but for a fraction of the cost.

We can create a dedicated white label PPC account manager for your company to optimize and improve existing campaigns. This is perfect if you or your client wants to have complete control over their own campaigns, while still taking advantage of our expertise!

The best part about our service is we will work with you and your clients in a transparent manner so you know all the inner workings of our PPC management service.

Save Time and Money

PPC management is time-consuming. Why spend your time optimizing your Google Ads account when you can focus on your business or your family? Save time and outsource your pay-per-click advertising to us.

Improve Results

Our goal is to help your clients improve their PPC advertising results. By strategically structuring your client’s campaigns and strategically managing them on a b-weekly basis, we’ve seen good success in our results-focused strategies.

Personal, Responsive Service

Your agency’s business is important to us and we value your business. You get a personal, responsive service. You work directly with a PPC management expert with over 10 years of expertise.

Why Choose Us?

With an experience of working with multiple agencies we have learned that the requirement from each of them has been unique; hence our white label PPC management services are customized to suit each agency’s own needs and requirements. Also below are some more reasons you will choose us.

Skilled, Certified Analysts

  • Google Ads Certified.
  • Bing Ads Certified.
  • Facebook Ads Certified.
  • Google Analytics Certified.


Hassle-Free Communication

A single point of contact approach helps ensure hassle-free communication between your agency and us (we communicate with your Agency/Team member.)

Detailed Reporting

Ready for submission status and performance reports (reports that are un-branded or carrying your agency’s branding) are provided to you on a pre-determined schedule.

Quality Management Service

We don’t comprise the quality of services provided to your agency’s clients. Our processes are well documented and audited from time to time for us as well as your agency.


All of our services are available in a flexible manner to suit the agency’s needs. For example, we can structure our service in a way that you only pay for what services your agency wants us to provide and not be locked into any contract or long-term commitment.

White Label Service Options

One account manager. We handle everything from start to finish for one client. All reporting is ready for submission to clients with your own branding included in reporting documents. 

These services are all delivered from a client-specific dashboard, completely white-labeled with your agency’s branding.

Additional Services

We offer more than just Bing Ads management and optimization services.

  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Facebook Ads

If you want us to run a Facebook ads campaign for your agency clients we can do that too! Or if you have clients that would benefit from managing their own AdWords account while still taking advantage of our expertise, we can help them manage their PPC efforts so you don’t have to.

If this sounds like the type of service you’ve been looking for, get in touch today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.