White Label Ads Audit

White Label Google Ads Audit

Google PPC Ads are a very important marketing channel and crucial to the success of any business. In order to win in an industry with a lot of competition, it is best to take utilize tools that help gain an edge over others. It is where our white label PPC audit services come into play!

Our white label PPC audit services will help your Google AdWords campaigns be more successful and get maximum ROI for your advertising budget. Our ads audit services help elevate digital marketing agencies to the next level by massively improving their clients’ PPC campaigns.

Our PPC experts have a thorough understanding of how a PPC campaign should be setup and optimized, and we will provide you with a complete diagnosis of problems and solutions. We will look at your current Google Ad campaigns’ settings, identify where there is room for improvement or optimization, before presenting the results to you along with suggested changes.

White Label Facebook Ads Audit

We guarantee that you will get maximum ROI on your digital marketing budget by making use of our white label services. Our dedicated team of experts can help you take care of all kinds of pay-per-click advertising campaigns ranging from Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and more in order to improve results across all platforms.

Our wide range of expertise also enables us to handle various types of keywords, from the most simple to the most complex. We can provide you with a wide variety of services that meet your exact needs and give you the best possible performance out of your PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts work on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Why Do You Need PPC Audits For Your Clients?

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are crucial for generating leads and sales, so it is extremely important to optimized how your ads campaigns are performing. If your campaigns are not getting enough clicks, or if the leads are bad, or the landing pages are not converting, then you need our white label ads audit to fix your campaigns properly.

Improves Performance

PPC Audits will help you understand how your new or existing campaigns are performing and show you the areas where they need to be improved by identifying issues with budget allocation, poorly performing keywords, or poor ad placements. This insight of data is crucial for a successful campaign as it helps prioritize areas for improvement and shows how to allocate budgets most efficiently.

Maximize ROI

With increased competition in the digital marketing industry today, staying ahead of the curve has become an extremely difficult task. Therefore, it is even more important that you maximize your chance of acquiring a new client by first proving your expertise with our white label PPC audit service. 

Measuring Results

To measure the results and success of your campaign, it is important to keep a track of your ad performance. This data will show how effective and successful your overall campaign has been and enable you to make necessary changes as well as take decisions quickly!

Save Money

When it comes to paid ads, every company wants to save money and cut down on their advertising budget as much as possible. However, this is a nearly impossible task unless there is a proper audit and analysis of your campaign and its performance. We will analyze the ad quality, CTR, Clicks, and cost per click (CPC) metrics that help you determine what works best for your campaign.

How A PPC Audit Is Executed?

Assessing Goals

Every business has goals and objectives that it wishes to achieve from its advertising campaigns. These goals are not necessarily always monetary in nature – they could also be conversion goals, lead quality goals, or even brand awareness goals. If the goal has been changed, then a new plan can be prepared for it. Auditing clears confusion and provides better results. 

Analyzing Account Structure

When it comes to auditing an ad account, you need a proper structure. The ad groups are analyzed to understand the structure of negative keywords and match types. Competitors are also checked for each product or service. All aspects related to targeting, creative, and copywriting are taken into consideration during the checking process.

Checking Quality Score & Ad Rank

Quality score is one of the most important factors in a PPC audit because it affects your position in search rankings. Ads with better scores may be ranked higher than those with low-quality scores at a given time. An audit that checks both factors gives you an idea about your present rank position as well as how much the factors have moved since the last date of checking. Ad rank is a key factor when determining best-performing keywords because it decides which ad will be displayed at the top position.

Ad Review & Evaluation

When it comes to auditing an account, the ads are analyzed on various key factors. The singular goal of any ad is to get more clicks on it i.e., more traffic on the website. Focusing only on the keywords used in the ad may not help in getting better results because your competitors may also use similar keywords in their ads. You need to check for each and every factor of your ads – headline, description line 1/2, display URL, etc.

We do not rely on automated tools alone while conducting White Label PPC audits! Every campaign is evaluated independently by our team of seasoned professionals who have successfully managed some big accounts themselves.

Why Should You Choose Us Over Another White Label PPC Agency?

There are many things that you have to consider before choosing a white label PPC agency partner. Here are some of the reasons that make us stand out from the crowd:


Compared to other agencies, we are offering our services at affordable prices and we do not compromise on quality as well!

Specialized Digital Marketing Experts

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are very much focused on the PPC optimization field. We know what works and what doesn’t work in an account that is to be audited. That’s why we can give you guaranteed results that go beyond your expectations!


With years of experience in successfully managing several accounts, our experts are well aware of how to conduct audits in order to achieve results quickly and efficiently. Our experience ensures complete peace of mind for all our clients!

Customer Support

When you choose our PPC services, you get customer services like no other with us – it has never been easier to reach out to us! You can contact us through any medium at any time that suits you. Instant email support is just an inch away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Landing Page Design?

From coming up with creative designs to developing landing pages for those clients who need them, we’ve got your back. Although most agencies have staff that can create landing pages, we may still provide this service if required.

Do You Require a Setup Fee?

We provide a free setup for active accounts that have previously been established and are currently operational. However, for new accounts, we charge a set-up fee. 

Do You Offer PPC Audits?

Yes, we do! We provide a variety of pay-per-click (PPC) audits, including search advertising, display advertising, sequential remarketing, Google Shopping ads, remarketing, and more. 

How Do You Communicate?

We service our helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We generally talk directly with you or any representative of your organization.